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Your domains are a valuable online property. As in any investment, you want the most efficient, effortless way to manage your property to be profitable. See below the solutions SmartName has available to you.

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SmartName's Domain Monetization service enables you to earn money from your domain names without the need to develop your own website. SmartName offers better branding of your domains by adding custom logos, headers, footers, and taglines. SmartName also offers a wide range of templates and themes designed by our in-house team of specialists. Can't find the perfect theme for your domain? SmartName also accepts theme requests to match the look and feel of your website you desire. The customization features available at SmartName enhance the overall visitor experience on your site resulting in higher click thru rates and payouts.

SmartName, a division of GoDaddy, is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. If you have further questions about SmartName, please read our FAQs or Contact Us.

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